Illinskyi Monastery (Antoniy’s caves)

This is an ancient Chernihiv sacred place, a part of Troitsko-Illinskyi Monastery on Boldyn Hills. The first cave temple and monastery were founded by St. Antoniy of the Caves also known as Antoniy Pecherskyi in 1069, when he left Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, founded by him. Throw Illinska Church (XII century) it is possible to get into the cave part (315 m), where the underground churches of St. Antonyi, St. Feodosiy and St. Mykola Svyatennyk are located. Slavic barrows Bezimennyi and Hulbyshche, and Kotsyubynskyi’s grave with the monument are on the Hill above the monastery. Archaeological excavations continue in the caves. Excursions are carried out.