Yeletskyi Uspenskyi Monastery

Yeletskyi Uspenskyi Monastery in Chernihiv was founded in the XIth century by Chernihiv Kniaz Svyatoslav Yaroslavovych (1027-1076) as a residence of the kniaz in the country. It was rebuilt in 1445-1495 after the Mongol invasion. Caves of ancient Rus period are preserved. After the reconstruction in the XVIIth century an architectural ensemble got the Ukrainian baroque features: Uspenskyi Cathedral (XII century.), overgate tower (36 meters in height), Petropavlivska Church with the refectory, cells, Lyzohuby’s tomb, the wooden house of Archimandrite Feodosit Uhlytskyi (1688). Fragments of ancient frescoes are preserved in the strict interior of the cathedral.