Pyatnytska Church

Pyatnytska Church in Chernihiv is a classic monument of Old Rus architecture. The church, dedicated to St. Paraskevia Pyatnytsya the patron of trade, was built in the late XII and XIII centuries on the main market of the city. It was the main building of Pyatnytskyi monastery up till 1786. It was repeatedly rebuilt sevendome church in Baroque style by then. During the Second World War Pyatnytska Church was destroyed. It was fully restored in the original style of ancient Rus by the project of architects P. Baranovskys and M. Holostenko in 1962. On the outside the building looks like a slender tower almost square in plan, crowned by a slender dome, which thanks to the original transition from the rectangular base creates a characteristic feature of dynamic movement up and pyramidal form. The temple works.